Age of Mobility: Return of the Milkman

Mobile businesses and delivery have come full circle. While the trend is relatively new, this practice has been around for years.

  • Inception of the milkman can be traced all the way back to the 1860s
  • Good Humor trucks appeared in neighborhoods during the 1920’s
  • Schwan’s made its first delivery in 1952

While Amazon continues to dominate delivery to your door, numerous brands are popping up with mobile business units targeting home delivery, neighborhoods and community recreation areas. The days of waiting for your customers to come to you are over and maybe never really left.

With every new action, comes a chain of reactions. Following are a few predictions from a panel of futurists:

  • New homes or renovations will include a secured delivery slot to safely store packages
  • Delivery services like Amazon, UPS and Fedex will open up their business model for additional revenue to include pickup on items such as dry cleaning and packages to be shipped out or returned

At its core, brands that continue to win all follow the same basic principle, “MAKE MY LIFE EASIER”.


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